Operations management

Public procurement transformation in the GCC region – post-COVID-19 era

Covid-19: A wake-up call for radical changes in public sector procurement in GCC

Actions for post-crisis supply chain recovery

Using recovery from the COVID-19 crisis as a catalyst for long-term transformation of supply chains and strategic growth

10 %
Additional EBIT of early adopters to industry 4.0 technologies within 2 years
10 %
Lifetime cost savings through value engineering in capital projects
27 %
Of procurement organizations see contributing to product quality as their top priority

Our clients across industries are shaping their future of operations in a digital world with global, volatile and highly competitive markets


We innovate and transform our clients’ operations towards leading performance excellence across the total range of industry and service sectors.  We help you to excel in operational practices, from lean and agile to digitally enabled operations,...


We work side by side with our clients to build adequate innovative solutions and make change happen.

We provide clients with tailored operations solutions addressing their specific business and industry requirements:

  • Exploit the full potential of digitalization and Industry 4.0 within your operations, turning it into a competitive advantage
  • Transform your operations to bottom-line optimized by radical simplification as well as effective and efficient resources and complexity management
  • Achieve performance excellence across all your functions, from procurement, over production, logistics, supply chain and service centers, to assets and capital-projects management