autonomous mobility journal edition iii ��� september 2021

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Green energy – How to outsmart disruption and future-proof business models

With more robust global political climate ambitions, green growth is an increasing driver of greater value for energy and utility companies, as well as for corporates across all sectors. With 2020 a green watershed, the authors outline key opportunities that leaders need to seize to futureproof...

The Future of Mobility postCOVID-19 – Turning a crisis into an opportunity

Deserted city roads and empty buses and trains were among the most striking images from pandemic lockdowns around the world. However, successful cities have a gift for adapting to radically changing circumstances – how can the crisis be used to drive more sustainable, resilient, human-centric...

On the threshold of a revolution – New opportunities for telcos in the

5G promises to transform customer entertainment, enabling completely new, immersive, real-time experiences. How can companies harness 5G to meet changing consumer demands? The authors explain key trends and opportunities and, in particular, how telcos can use their 5G strengths to build leadership...

The Digital Nation – Lessons in building a successful digital economy

The pandemic has turbocharged digitalization across industries and countries, stress testing existing national strategies and bringing any gaps and shortcomings into sharp focus. Drawing on the example of digital leader Sweden, this article focuses on the wider lessons that every country can learn...

The global AI arms race - How nations can avoid being left behind

Artificial intelligence promises to have the same disruptive effect on today’s global economy as electricity in the 19th century. This has led governments to focus heavily on how they can unlock AI’s potential within their countries. Based on in-depth research, this article outlines the current...

CEO interview – Driving down emissions in the telecoms industry

An interview with Timotheus Höttges, CEO, Deutsche Telekom AGTimotheus Höttges has been CEO of Deutsche Telekom since January 2014. Among many other responsibilities, he oversees DT’s goals of reducing its CO2 emissions by 90 percent by 2030 and having the complete value chain climate neutral by...

Now is the time for healthcare providers to get into IoT

Opportunities and path forward

Healthcare & life sciences

Industrial energy management

With sustainability commitments on the horizon, how can industrial companies reach their targets cost-effectively?

Large industrial and commercial companies face increasingly challenging energy management decisions due to sustainability ambitions and concerns for energy costs. As executives make commitments for the long term, procurement and operations executives must justify the cost and prove the feasibility...
Utilities & alternative energy

Can key risk indicators avert disaster?

Lessons in risk management from the Boeing 737 MAX tragedies

The Boeing 737 MAX disasters critically shook the trust of airlines, passengers and regulators globally. Although the lessons learned have been the theme of numerous government reports and investigative journalism, little has been discussed regarding metrics that could have provided early warnings...

Non-performing loan management

Best practices and implications for non-performing loan management and setting up a workout unit

Financial services