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Biofuels 2.0: investment opportunities and risks

Demand for biofuels is rapidly increasing as governments respond to climate change concerns. For the investor, such a rapidly growing market is attractive, but current demand depends heavily on government incentives. Newer "secondgeneration" technologies offer the potential for improved performance...
Automotive, Utilities & alternative energy, Sustainability

Sustainability within and beyond the ICT industry

How can information and communication technologies help to address sustainability issues? This article shows that, as well as using innovative methods to improve its own sustainability profile, the ICT industry is perfectly placed to enhance sustainability in other sectors, using the challenge of...
Telecommunications, Information technology, Media & Electronics (TIME), Sustainability

Sustainability in retail banking: Revenue protection or creation?

Financial services and sustainability might sound like an odd couple, but many banks have recently launched products and services driven by social and environmental issues. In this article the authors have undertaken a study of major banks to see how important these kind of products have become,...
Financial services, Strategy, Sustainability

The greening of the chemical industry - References

Chemicals, Strategy, Sustainability

The greening of the chemical industry - An opportunity to create sustainable

The chemical industry has been dealing with environmental concerns for decades. So how should it approach the current appeals to go green? This article examines what being green means for chemical companies, how going green can be a successful strategy, and sets out specific steps executives can...
Chemicals, Strategy, Sustainability

Managing integrity and innovation for sustainable performance

Linking sustainability, innovation and integrity is a key to creating a successful company. This article examines why putting "integrity + innovation" into practice creates value, takes a close look at how the best-performing companies create sustainable solutions with integrity and innovation, and...
Technology & innovation management, Sustainability

Switching on to Carbon: Addressingthe Threat of Climate Change

Telecommunications is not the first industry that comes to mind when you’re thinking about carbon-intensive business. But, the telecoms industry is at the forefront of a movement among businesses to slash emissions across the board. The rationale is simple: lower emissions mean lower energy costs...
Telecommunications, Information technology, Media & Electronics (TIME), Sustainability

The Business Case for Corporate Responsibility

Traditional thinking has it that corporate social responsibility doesn't help a company's bottom line. The truth is that not only can actively pursuing a policy of social responsibility cost a company nothing, but it can actually provide a boost for business.
Strategy, Sustainability

Bringing Corporate Responsibility Down to Earth

Globalisation is a fact. Most people though still live on a regional basis. Globally operating companies which want to succeed must consider the regional preconditions that they operate under. Arthur D. Little shows how large corporations can set up reliable performance measures at a project level.
Strategy, Sustainability

Toward Sustainable Innovation: A Progress Report

In conducting research for our new book on the next–generation enterprise, we have found that a critical differentiator for the next generation of corporate leaders will be the ability to effectively harness and drive innovation. In so doing, these leaders will have found ways to leverage...
Strategy, Technology & innovation management, Sustainability