Reviewing sustainability and competitive positioning

We undertook a masterclass and competitive-positioning review for a multinational pharmaceutical and agrochemicals company to help strengthen its understanding of sustainability and the business case


A multinational pharmaceutical and agrochemicals company wanted to raise its appreciation of environmental and broader societal issues that were likely to have impact its business, understand the business implications, and define its own position in order to stay ahead of the competition.


  • We designed and facilitated a one-day “Masterclass” to develop shared insight among senior managers, which would lead to action consistent with the core purpose and strategy of the company
  • We developed an appreciation of what leading companies are doing across relevant industry sectors
  • We identified trends, issues and uncertainties
  • We tested the company's positioning with respect to several future scenarios


The client was able to test its strategy against possible scenarios, compare its positioning with that of peers, and identify actions based on a common view of the business significance of sustainable development.