Creating a strategy for carbon management

We conducted a review for the Italian operations of a global mobile telecommunications group


Our client was about to launch a new third-generation mobile-telephone network, and was keen to address perceived social and environmental risks associated with the launch and future activities.


  • We conducted a program of stakeholder dialogue to understand the expectations of key groups, including local authorities, consumer groups, regulators, non-governmental organizations and employees 
  • We were then able to identify risks to the company arising from those expectations which had not been addressed 
  • We conducted a benchmarking exercise to compare the client's environmental and social practices and activities with those of its peers 
  • We determined the future direction of the client's sustainability program by developing policies, supporting guidance and an implementation plan to roll these commitments out across the organization 


  • Our client was able to tackle the key issues that presented potential threats to the launch of its new network 
  • The launch was successful, and the client was able to proactively respond to the concerns of specific stakeholder groups regarding particular social and environmental issues