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Careers / Who are we looking for?

In Arthur D. Little we understand that our human resources are our main asset. Therefore, our policies aim at improving their training, working conditions and corporate belonging. The team contributes with its talent to the well running of the company as a whole.

We are looking for outstanding, creative people, motivated to work in a team, with skills and initiative and looking forward to work in a demanding and challenging but also gratifying job.

Our recruiting process is oriented to three positions which require a different professional profile. All the positions we offer allow a complete integration in our working teams and high interaction with our clients.

Interns and Summer Interns

  • Duty: support the consultant team in the analysis and solution of the strategic and operational problems of our clients.
  • Profile: interns are generally students who want to complement their academic formation with the experience of working in a company for several months. Candidates are usually Bachelor students (for interns) or MBA students (for summer interns). They are expected to be analytical and interested in learning and to have good interpersonal skills.

Business Analysts

  • Duty: Business Analysts are completely integrated in the consultant team; they do all the data analysis, draw conclusions and prepare deliverables.
  • Profile: Business Analysts have recently graduated in Business Administration, Economics or Engineering, and they are usually between 22 and 25 years old. They are expected to have good analytical and learning skills and a curious mind. They must speak good English and be looking forward to working in a team.


  • Duty: the consultant participates in all the phases of the Project, from the data analysis to the draw of conclusions, the formulation of recommendations and the presentation of them to the client.
  • Profile: Consultants have usually been several years working in a relevant industry or post, as well as a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from a prestigious Business School. Consultants are usually between 26 and 31 years old, speak perfect English and have excellent analysis, communication and interrelation skills. They like to work in team and feel motivated in international environments.