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The recruitment process in Arthur D. Little Madrid reflects our company culture: it is professional and rigorous but also entertaining and personalised. We aim at knowing both the professional and the person we are interviewing.

The recruiting process consists of two rounds in which we will learn more about your skills, background and personality and in which you will get a chance to learn more about Arthur D. Little and its people and culture.

After a careful selection on the basis of your application letter, curriculum vitae and academic results, you will be invited for the first of two rounds of interviews done by consultants from all levels.

Each interview lasts approximately 60 minutes and has three parts: in the first one, the candidate is asked questions aimed at knowing about his/her personality and professional interests; whereas in the second one, practical business cases are proposed so that the analytical capacity of the candidate can be assessed. The third and final part consists of a round of questions in which the candidate can ask anything about the company.

Whatever the result of the recruiting process is, an Arthur D. Little consultant will personally call the candidate and give him/her feedback about the process.

Recommendations for the interview
In Arthur D. Little we understand that an excellent curriculum is not enough if it is not accompanied by a good attitude during the interview. Therefore, during the recruitment process, we will specially appreciate your intellectual capacity, personal aptitudes, potential and fit with the company’s culture.

Our main recommendation for the candidates during the interviews is to behave naturally, that is, be oneself and use common sense. Besides, the interview is not an interrogatory and does not pursue to judge the candidate. Contrarily, it is a personal meeting that allows the company to appreciate if the candidate is appropriate for a certain position, and allows the interviewee check whether after this first meeting, he/she is still interested in joining the company.

During the interviews, we will give you business cases so that you can have an idea of the daily work you will be doing once you have joined the company. We also use this technique because it lets us observe your reasoning capacity, that is, assess how you focus, analyse and solve a certain problem. Our recommendation is to bare in mind that these cases do not have a unique solution, so do not obsess on finding the right answer but try to draw a sensible conclusion based on the data given and the time assigned.